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Our hair care products are all Aryuruvedic products.

Henna farm in India


What is henna?

Henna is a vegetable dye that has been used for thousand of years in India, the Middle East and North Africa to dye hair, finger, nails, hands and soles of feet various shade of red or orange. Henna comes in the form of a green powder, made from the dried leaves of a plant with the Latin name of Lawsonia Inermis.

What is  silk?

Silk is the most comfortable and effective natural fiber for use on your body. It poses almost no risk of skin irritation, and its components break down naturally, benefiting the health and beauty of your skin. In fact, silk smoothes and cleanses so effectively that you'll hardly even need to use soap. So, the number of soap bars you use can be reduced. And with each member of your household using a  silk washcloth, the production of wastewater will drop dramatically, preventing further pollution of our rivers and oceans.



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